Is romance old-fashioned?

As my tagline says, I write contemporary romance with old-fashioned heart.

Now, I’m sure there are more than a few cynics out there who would say that romance itself is old-fashioned.

I disagree. Believe me, I’m the world’s worst cynic about many, many things, but I could never be cynical about romance. (Actually, that’s not quite true. I was in my rebellious teens – I didn’t believe in it at all – but luckily I grew out of that phase!)

When it comes to books, genres may come and go in popularity, but romance is and always will be a perennial favourite. Why is that?

I think the feel-good factor is hard to deny – all those well-being hormones that race around our systems when we allow ourselves to get mushy, whether in real life or in the virtual reality world of our reading.

Being drawn into a story where a couple overcome challenges, personal demons, difficult circumstances (or whatever else the author dreams up for them), to ultimately fall in love and choose to move forward with each other, is always uplifting.

But for me, what matters most is that romance is only the prelude to its stronger cousin – love. And as we all know, it’s love that really makes the world go round.

When everything is going wrong, when you’re having the worst day ever, the worst week ever … knowing love is in your life (from whatever source – a partner, a friend, a sibling, a pet) can make all the difference in getting you through it.

And so I say “Long Live Romance” – contemporary, old-fashioned or otherwise!