Old dogs, new tricks

With only two days left to the release date for Warm Hearts in Winter, I was reflecting this weekend on how far I’ve come since signing that contract a few months ago.

At the time, I thought the hard part was over – I’d written my book and someone wanted to publish it. Job done, right?

Wrong. I had no real idea what lay ahead of me. Ah, the joy of naivety!

The edits, I coped with – my day job is all about pernickety admin, and besides, I just love the world of words and the challenge of tweaking them and tweaking them again until they’re how I want them to be. But it turned out the edits weren’t the half of it.

I needed to join Facebook (yes, I had resisted until recently!)

I needed a website.

I needed to start a blog … all major challenges for me.

I’m not a technophobe – I use a lot of different programs at work, some pretty complicated – but embarking on all this has meant long hours at the computer tackling unfamiliar things, with my son despairing at my apparent incompetence just because I couldn’t immediately grasp the things he seems to have known automatically since birth!

And I still have a lot to learn and to do. I certainly had no idea how much marketing would be involved … I’ve spent a lot of time finding out and learning from others, but as for putting it all into practice, well, that’s a whole new area yet to be explored once the book is released.

Am I daunted? Yes.

Am I deterred? No.

Because what I’ve learned more than anything over the past few months is that I am capable of tackling new things. I’ve had a steep learning curve this year, and it hasn’t been without its tantrums and moments of despair, but now when I feel daunted at the thought of something new that I have to do, I can look back at the challenges I’ve already faced and tell myself, “Well, I did that so I can do this.” 

Old dog? Less of the ‘old’, thank you.

New tricks? You betcha!


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