Recommended romances for the New Year

Are you looking for great sweet romance reads for the New Year?

During 2014, my first year with my publisher, I read a fair few by fellow Astraea Press authors! Since it wouldn’t be possible to list them all, here are just a small handful I particularly enjoyed …

A Husband for Danna
A Husband for Danna by Christina Lorenzen

Bride Danna and groom Eric – from two different weddings – both escape from the altar on the same day and end up on the run together. A weekend of mishaps means they’re stuck with each other for a while. Everywhere they go, they are mistaken for newlyweds, and as they step into that role, their attraction for each other grows.

An unusual premise for a romance and the lovely depiction of small-town America kept me rooting for the couple to realize they are made for each other. 

Nowhere for Christmas


Nowhere for Christmas by Heather Gray

Journalist and single mother Avery and her teenage son Eli are thrown together with photojournalist Gavin on a seasonal road trip where anything can and does go wrong … but the destination is less important than the journey.

Full of gentle humour and character (I especially enjoyed Eli). Festive and feel-good. 

Rescued by that New Guy in Town


Rescued by That New Guy in Town by J L Salter

Unsuitably dressed as a sexy witch, Kris is rescued from her temporary jail in a deserted community centre by hungover pirate Ryan. Through mishaps and misunderstandings including court-ordered community service, once-bitten-twice-shy Kris slowly learns to trust the mysterious newcomer enough to want to get to know him better.

If you like a good helping of comedy with your romance, this is great fun! 

The Love Programme 

The Love Programme by Zanna Mackenzie

Needing an escape from her home town in a hurry, Lucy accepts an offer to be a contestant on TV’s The Love Programme, filming at a Highland estate. Attracted to the owner Paul, she has mysterious Hannah and her own ex-boyfriend Marcus to contend with before she can plan her future.

A fun premise and a handsome Scottish setting.



I’d love to hear which romances you especially enjoyed reading last year …

7 thoughts on “Recommended romances for the New Year

  1. countdowntocontract says:

    Thank you so much for including my book in your post! I’m honored that you liked it so much! I’m actually toying with a sequel where readers will find out what was in the little box Minnie gave to Danna as they left town. Everyone will have to read it to find out 😀

  2. jeff7salter says:

    Very grateful that you included one of my titles in this list of recommended books. I just shared the link to your blog.
    Thank you!
    And “Rescued…” is a special favorite of mine.

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