Meet … Lucie Ulrich!

This week I’d like to welcome author Lucie Ulrich to talk about herself and her writing. Her brand new release, Diamonds or Donuts, already has several 5-star reviews over on! 

Before we get to the interview, take a look at the blurb and the gloriously sweet cover …

DiamondsOrDonuts_453x680Sarah Alexander’s marriage to millionaire Logan Montgomery is put on hold when Logan is offered the opportunity to go on an extended archeological dig in Egypt. Though not happy with his decision, Sarah supports her fiancé, despite the fact she’s already given up her apartment and teaching position.

When Sarah’s best friend, Pippa, suggests Sarah move to Sunset Cove, she figures a new town, new job, and new friends are just what she needs to help her through the separation. If she’d known one of those friends would turn out to be kind-hearted, good-looking, well-built, Officer Kevin Jenkins, she might have figured a little harder.

Though Sarah goes out of her way to keep her relationship with Kevin on a friends-only basis, it’s clear their feelings for one another are teetering toward something more. Now Sarah must make the most important decision of her life. Will she choose the man who can shower her with diamonds or the one who isn’t able to offer much more than free donuts?

Diamonds or Donuts is available at:

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So Lucie, what was the initial kernel of an idea that got you started writing Diamonds or Donuts?

My first book told the story of friends, both scarred, who eventually fall in love (but not without lots of drama before and after). My second book was a modern day in-name-only marriage with lots of family issues and angst. After two deep stories, I wanted something more lighthearted, so I decided to play around with the idea of a girl who has to make a choice between two men—one rich, the other not. When I decided to make “the other man” a policeman, the title came very quickly.

Could you tell us more about the setting?

The setting is very non-specific, and I did that on purpose. In keeping with the lighter feel, I didn’t want to research towns or surrounding areas, so I made them up. All the reader knows is that Sunset Cove is on the Ocean. The main town is split in two; one side being rich, while the other is the older section. The older section is where the story primarily takes place.

What is your heroine Sarah’s most admirable quality?

Sarah is loyal to a fault. She’s determined to do the right thing and play fair, even when she doesn’t want to.

And your hero’s? 

There are two men in Sarah’s life. Her fiancé, Logan, is hard-working and a go-getter. Nothing or no one stands in his way. Our policeman, Kevin, is kind and honest. He sometimes bends the rules, but it would take a lot for him to break them. He cares more about Sarah’s happiness than his own.

Sounds intriguing! Tell me, have you started your next book yet, and if so, can you tell us a little about it?

I’m currently working on two books. One is a Christmas novella that I may or may not have finished in time to submit before the deadline. The other is the story of a famous movie star who falls for a girl he has very little in common with, yet finds himself completely drawn to her. There will be trouble for these two!

We can’t wait! And now, a little about you. Where do you do your writing?

Several years ago I converted one of the bedrooms in our house into my den. I have a small desk, but seldom use it. I like to lounge on my futon with my laptop and get to work. I’m often joined by my dog, Gracie, who sleeps on the other end of the couch and keeps me company.

If you could have your dream space to write, where or what would it be?

My husband and I have talked for years about moving to the mountains and having a place on a lake. A cabin with a wide porch and large glass windows looking out on the water would be my ideal spot. My husband could go off on photography expeditions while I wrote. Yep, that’s the place for me! In the meantime, I have no complaints having a room to myself.  

That sounds like a wonderful dream spot. Thanks so much for visiting today, Lucie.



LucieLucie Ulrich took her time becoming a writer. Not much of a reader as a child, writing was of no interest to her – until she joined a church drama team. The desire to write a skit, and not simply act out someone else’s was so strong, that once she started, she couldn’t seem to stop. That first skit led to her becoming the drama team director, then eventually, the performing arts director at a small Christian school.

Lucie’s first novel was penned under a tree in a field in Holland. Though her first, second, and third attempts never saw the light of day, parts of each of them became the foundation for “Broken Vessels,” her first published work.

No longer involved with the performing arts, Lucie enjoys going on photo shoots with her husband, and taking long (or short) road trips. She hopes to find inspiration as she and her husband explore the four corners of the United States.

You can find Lucie on   Facebook   and   Twitter 


10 thoughts on “Meet … Lucie Ulrich!

  1. Kathy Heare Watts says:

    This is a wonderful story. It also has a lesson, that sometimes absences doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. But it also helped two people realize that maybe God had different plans in their life also.

  2. Christina Lorenzen says:

    Lucie, I loved hearing about your books and your writing room. I’m with you! I’d love to move to the mountains or some small cozy town where I can just write all day and my husband can work in a huge garden. Great interview. I bought your book just this morning and can’t wait to dig in!

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