Meet … Dena Rogers!

I’m happy to welcome Dena Rogers on the blog today, a fellow author I’ve got to know online and who has as warm a personality as her romance, which I enjoyed reading this past week! 

We’ll start with the great cover and the blurb:

Drive Me SaneUnable to perform her duties in the army after a twelve-month deployment to Afghanistan that leaves her with scars no one can see, Sera Cavins returns to her hometown hoping that some time alone will help her find her way back to being the girl everyone once knew. That is, until she finds herself sharing a house with the man who left her heartbroken merely weeks before her deployment.

Tyler Creech made it to Nashville and even earned a number one hit, but being a rising country music artist isn’t as easy as he thought. He’s back in Cobb City, Kentucky, looking for something to ease the stress of his next release. He discovers it standing on his mom’s and stepdad’s lawn when Sera, the girl he once planned to marry, shows up.

They’d been perfect for each other, until the strain of Sera’s deployment and pressure of Tyler’s career drove them apart. Now with neither of their lives going the way they anticipated, both are fighting different yet similar demons.

But change is good, and sometimes going a little crazy is too. Sometimes it’s what keeps you sane.

That’s a great premise for a romance, Dena. So tell me, what was the initial kernel of an idea that got you started writing Drive Me Sane?

Most of my writing is in one way or another inspired by music. Some aren’t as heavily influenced as others; however, without a doubt, I owe the initial spark of the idea for Drive Me Sane solely to a particular song I heard while driving home from one of my husband’s dirt track races.  It was late and both of my boys were asleep in the back seat, so I had the radio turned up and as usual, I was singing away until a song I hadn’t heard before came on.  It was one of those moments when I just listened and let the lyrics sink in. I had never heard of Tyler Farr before that night, but I immediately fell in love with his song Redneck Crazy.  I know the title sounds a bit silly, but it’s actually a beautiful love ballad about a man who does an array of crazy things after a breakup.  It made me think of how we don’t always act like we’d hope when we’re hurting and sometimes we do stupid and silly things that are totally out of our normal character.  Needless to say, I bought the song when I got home that night and I started Drive Me Sane the very next day. 

Could you tell us a little about the setting?

Cobb City is a fictional small town set in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in rural eastern Kentucky. It’s much like the town I live in, but they are also very different in many ways, too. 

What would you say is your heroine Sera’s most admirable quality?

Although Sera is suffering from PTSD as a result to her time in war, my goal for her character, was for her to recognize her difficulties, but also have the willpower and desire to push past them.  So, I think her mental strength is probably her most admirable quality.  She knows she has issues, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes to work through them.   

And your hero Tyler’s?

Tyler is absolutely perfect in every sense!  I’m kidding of course.  He clearly has his faults as all heroes do.  Tyler is just a genuinely sweet guy.  He knows he made a mistake in the past where Sera is concerned and he’s determined not to let anything stand in his way of making that mistake right with her.  

Have you started your next book yet, and if so, can you tell us a little about it?

I am currently working on another contemporary romance tentatively titled, When Love Goes South.  It’s a summery book set in Cancun and quite different in more ways than location than Drive Me Sane.  The characters are older and more experienced in life.  They are dealing with marriages that didn’t work out, friendships that didn’t last and the loss of loved ones, so I think it’s something almost anyone could relate to.  It’s also a little flirty and spicier than I’ve written before, so I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, but I’ve enjoyed writing it very much.  

It sounds great! And, as you say, quite different from Drive Me Sane. And now a little about you. Where do you do your writing?

Everywhere!  Currently, my writing area is a problem.  I don’t have an office or even a desk, so writing is pretty much done wherever I can sit down for a few minutes.  Typically, I move from sitting Indian style on the bed, to the couch and sometimes I’ll set up at the kitchen table or on the deck.  My husband and I are currently working on this problem and I’m hoping to have something set up soon.     

If you could have your dream space to write (and it certainly sounds like you need somewhere), where or what would it be?

I’m easy to get along with and really don’t need much other than complete silence.  I know I said music feeds my creativity; however, when I’m writing I need it to be completely silent.  A small little cubby with a desk would be perfect, just anywhere that I can be isolated and talk to myself as I’m writing- because I do that a lot.    

I admit, I can’t do with a lot of noise when I’m writing, either! Thank you for visiting, Dena – it’s been lovely getting to know you.


You can buy Drive Me Sane at the links below:

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dena rogersDena grew up in Central Texas, but has lived in the foothills of Kentucky, with her husband and two sons, long enough to consider it home. She enjoys road trips with her family, watching her husband race at one of the local dirt tracks, and a good cup of coffee. When she’s not doing one of those things, you can find her with her nose in a book (and 2 or 3 in her purse).

She loves writing small-town stories of happily ever after and has an affinity for all genres of music, but is partial to her southern roots

You can find Dena at: 

Dena’s website/blog       Facebook       Twitter       Goodreads       Amazon 






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