10 things you might not know (or even want to know) about me …

Helen with coffee close-up

Befuddled faceI’m a Virgo with an Aquarius ascendant. So basically that means I’m self-critical and pedantic . . . with a creative rebellious streak. Not an easy combination to live with.

I’ll cry at anything. My husband has to vet my TV viewing.

SWIEJKO_flowers_3nI was lost for several hours on the longest beach in Cornwall when I was four years old. My parents were beside themselves, but I was mainly mad that my brother had my sweets in his pocket when we got separated.

I love losing myself in spreadsheets . . . an avoidance activity to keep me from doing all the things I ought to be doing, like writing or cleaning.

SWIEJKO_flowers_3cI enjoy watching old cop shows from the 1970s and 80s – they take me right back to my child-and-teenhood.  Hawaii Five-O, The Rockford Files, Starsky & Hutch, Magnum, Cagney & Lacey

My first-ever heartthrob was Rock Hudson in McMillan and Wife. I was maybe six years old at the time.

Shouty faceInjustice is the one thing guaranteed to get me really angry.

I hate discourtesy. People can be so impolite with each other nowadays. Please, Thank you, Excuse me and Would you mind …? seem to be disappearing from the English language. Few strangers return your smile as you pass in the street or thank you if you hold a door open for them. I find it so depressing.

SWIEJKO_flowers_3eI worked part-time in a fish & chip shop when I was younger. I burned my hand badly in the chip warmer, slipped on a pool of fat and cut my leg, and the grease glued my contact lenses to my eyeballs. 

I don’t like people who play mind games and manipulate. Life’s too short. I prefer to know where I stand. 





14 thoughts on “10 things you might not know (or even want to know) about me …

  1. April Munday says:

    I have the misfortune to go to Canary Wharf twice a week and I have to steel myself for the complete lack of manners I’ll encounter. I almost broke a finger once when the person in front of me let go of a door and I tried to catch it. So l’my definitely with you on bad manners.

    • Helen Pollard says:

      Hi, April. Thanks for your visit. Yes, people can be so inconsiderate, can’t they? It makes my blood boil! I lived in London for a year back in the late 80s, and I must say, the tube doesn’t really lend itself to being polite 🙂

  2. DenaRogers says:

    Cry at anything … we’d likely be best friends. I tear up and get emotional at some of the silliest things. My poor husband just shakes his head and laughs. And while camping with friends as a teenager, I got lost on a hike in the forest for six hours. My friends had the park officials out looking for me and were getting ready to call my parents when I finally stumbled upon the road and found my way out. I also completely sympathize with your feelings toward injustice, mind games and the ways of the world these days. It’s such a sad state and I would love to say things will someday get better, but I’m afraid they won’t. Great post, I love these kinds of things!

    • Helen Pollard says:

      Hi Dena. Glad it’s not just me who cries all the time! As for your getting lost story … gosh, that sounds truly terrifying. You were probably much more conscious at that age as to the seriousness of the situation than I was at just four :/

  3. Keith Havers says:

    I’m with you on the cop shows – Steve McGarret, Colombo, Kojak.
    Manners aren’t too bad here in Nottingham. People will return a smile or give you an “Ay up, mi duck!”

  4. Tonette Joyce says:

    Goodness, Helen, you have horrified me with the contact lens story! Thank Heavens you recovered!
    I’m a bit older than you were but when I was about six I had a real ‘thing’ for John Russel as “The Lawman”! I think we were quite precocious!

  5. M.A. Foxworthy says:

    Helen, I love this post. The mental image of your contact lens being glued to your eye is enough to make me not even want to eat in a fish and chip shop! 🙂 And even my twelve year old daughter, who is truly the sweetest person I know, has given up on smiling at people because of the lack of response. Thanks for sharing.

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