Warm Hearts in Winter by Helen Pollard

Lovely review for Warm Hearts in Winter …

Lost in a good book


Warm Hearts in Winter is exactly what you want to read while curled up in front of a warm fire as the nights get shorter and yet I read it lying on a sunbed in southern Europe with just as much pleasure.

The main characters are Jack Blane, a slightly gruff, handsome writer in his mid-30s and Abby a capable young woman who has driven through dreadful winter weather to Jack’s remote house in Yorkshire, to be his PA while he writes his latest novel.  Both characters have baggage; Jack tragically lost his wife 3 years earlier and Abby is trying to rebuild her professional and personal life after an unfortunate incident while with her previous employer.

From the start there are misunderstandings between Jack and Abby, especially as they are confined to the house by thick snow, but their working relationship flourishes although they are both determined not to…

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