November sale!

Warm Hearts in Winter


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for the month of November

WHiW sale meme #1

5 Star Reviews!

“A wonderful story about two people who deserve a chance at happiness.”

“A perfect romance with a touch of mystery.”

“Exactly what you want to read while curled up in front of a warm fire.”

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Can two hearts thaw on the midwinter moors?

Forced by circumstance into the world of temping, when Abby Davis accepts an assignment in the wilds of Yorkshire as personal assistant to a widowed novelist, she assumes he is an ageing recluse.

Thirty-something Jack Blane is anything but. Still struggling to get his life and writing career back on track three years after his wife’s death, Jack isn’t ready for a breath of fresh air like Abby.

Snowed in at his winter retreat on the moors, as the weeks go by and their working relationship becomes friendship and maybe more, Abby must rethink her policy of never getting involved with someone at work … and Jack must decide whether he is willing to risk the pain of love a second time.


An excerpt to tempt you . . .

Footsteps sounded from inside, a jiggling of keys, and finally the door was wrenched open. A shaft of light lit the doorway, silhouetting a tall frame there.

Blinking against the sudden light, Abby held out her gloved hand.

“Mr Blane, I presume?” She tried for the most professional manner she could manage, but it wasn’t as successful as she would have liked due to the snowflakes catching in her mouth and her teeth chattering.

When she gave an involuntary shiver, a hand shot out to quickly shake hers in response.

“Yes. You must be Miss Davis. For goodness’ sake, come on in out of the cold. This is no time to be standing on ceremony.” He stood aside for her to clump over the doorstep, showering snow as she came. “I’ve been caught up in my work. I had no idea the weather had got so bad,” he said apologetically as he closed the door on the icy wind. “Let’s get you out of those wet things and into the warmth.”

As her eyes adjusted to the bright hallway light, Abby froze – but not from the cold. Oh, no. This was not what she had expected, not at all. She’d spent the car journey creating an image in her mind’s eye of what her new boss would be like, in a desperate attempt to reassure herself that she would be perfectly safe working alone with a strange man out here in the wilds. That image was of someone much older, much stuffier. Casey had led her to believe he was a loner, some sort of unsociable hermit hunched over his writing all day. A widower, she’d said, implying someone middle-aged or even elderly. Someone harmless.

Jack Blane was anything but.



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