My Writing Space

A few weeks ago, my publisher asked their authors to send them a photo of our writing desks to post on their Facebook page.

This, I duly did – after spending a good half an hour clearing it of debris. Isn’t it pretty?

Helen Pollard desk

Hmmm. I chose to photograph my nice big desk that I originally bought for crafting but which also acts as my workstation if I’m writing notes or on my little laptop.

Well, as you can guess, it doesn’t usually look like that! Here’s a photo taken this morning with no ‘doctoring’ . . .

untidy desk

Oh dear. Now, before you go thinking I’m a total slob – I’m not. Honest.

In fact, I’m a pernickety Virgo, and although having a family has long since taught me the need for compromise – more on my part than theirs, I’m afraid – and I can cope with an element of the lived-in look, an inordinate amount of mess stresses me out more than I can say.

My problem is that the only room I can use for writing is the attic. And of course with the rest of the not-very-big house in constant use, the attic (and my desk) is the dumping ground for anything and everything we need to ‘pop away for a while’ or ‘decide what to do with it later.’

The carpet has absolutely died a death and now has gaping holes, which are frankly dangerous if you catch your feet in them. Of course, we need to replace it, we want to replace it – but we can’t until we sort through and clear the many mini-mountains of stuff on the floor . . .

Floor of attic

I used to keep on top of this pigsty when the kids were little, but once I went back to work and then later began writing again, there was no time for that kind of thing. And so it got worse and worse . . . And of course the longer you leave it, the more daunting the task. There is now ten years’ worth of c**p to be sorted through and dealt with, and I just don’t have the time.

My solution? For now, I just have to put on my mental blinkers and try not to look beyond the immediate space. Luckily, our PC is on a different desk where there isn’t room to dump too much rubbish, so I tend to work there and keep my eyes on the screen rather than look at what surrounds me.

PC desk

How about you? If you write or have a hobby that takes room, how do you carve out a space for yourself? I’d love to hear about it!

11 thoughts on “My Writing Space

  1. olganm says:

    I have a tiny office that I set up to work but I live alone and eventually ended up bringing the computer downstairs and I mostly work in the kitchen (it’s the biggest room in the house and has the best view too. I don’t cook much!) so you can imagine what it looks like. But I’ve written everywhere. In airports, at a theatre during the break… When I’m in the middle of a story if I can get to pen and paper, I’ll write…:)

  2. woodbeez48 says:

    Oh crikey! Your second photo made me very anxious. I can’t stand mess and definitely couldn’t write with mess around me 😦 I have neat ‘piles’ on my desk but the space around the laptop has to be clear. Each to his/her own though. If it works for you, that’s all that matters 🙂

  3. Mags Cullingford says:

    Your second photo’s more or less a replica of my desk/workspace, Helen. Thanks for making me feel not quite so alone.

  4. shelleywilson72 says:

    I’m so glad it’s not just me! My desk is slowly disappearing under several piles of organised chaos. I keep telling myself that I’ll tidy it at the weekend – the trouble is I started saying that in January!! The new year approaches so watch this space…ooh, a space! 😉

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