‘Holding Back’ is on sale!’


is now ON  SALE!

Only £0.99 / $0.99

at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

until 19th February 2016

sale meme #2 - HB

“The most enchantingly romantic book I’ve read in a very long time.”

“I read it in one enjoyable sitting.”

“The author clearly has a talent for bringing romance alive on the page.”

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The last thing they’re looking for is love …

Laura Matheson is a natural at avoiding romance, so when she is drawn to mystery guest Daniel Stone while helping out at her friends’ hotel in Portugal, she assumes all she needs is a little extra willpower.

Daniel is at the hotel on business. The demands of work and a manipulative ex-girlfriend mean he doesn’t have the time or energy for romance, but Laura is a distraction he finds hard to ignore.

As they negotiate a minefield of misunderstandings and mutual attraction, will they both continue to hold back? Or will they finally allow love into their lives?

An excerpt to tempt you . . .

Her paperwork processed, she hurried out of the terminal into the late afternoon heat. Spotting a red hatchback along the row of cars, she clicked the key and—nothing. She tried again, with the same result. Huffing, she stabilised her luggage trolley against the boot of the car, threw her handbag onto the roof and tried once more.

No good. Her key must be faulty. Unwilling to troop inside and join the back of the queue to complain, she pulled the manual key out of its casing and pushed it into the lock—where it firmly stuck. As she impatiently shoved hair out of her eyes, she heard an ominously familiar voice.

“Adding car theft to bag stealing?”

Her heart sinking, Laura turned to see Daniel Stone leaning casually against the car next to hers, tall and imposing, his arms folded across his chest. It made her inexplicably cross that he appeared so cool and in control, his light cotton shirt and khaki trousers clean and unwrinkled. Acutely aware of her own smudged face, unruly hair, and the heat causing her tee-shirt to cling uncomfortably to her body, she felt at a distinct disadvantage.

With an effort, she jerked herself back to the task at hand. Her appearance was the least of her worries, and why she should care what she looked like when she would never set eyes on this man again was beyond her. By nature, she was calm and collected too.

“Hardly.” She shot him a withering look. “This key’s faulty. Either that or they’ve given me the wrong key.”

“Or you’ve got the wrong car?” he suggested mildly.

She glared at him. “I don’t think that’s likely, since this is the only red one here.”

“Apart from that one down there, perhaps?” He pointed down to the far end, and when Laura stepped back a few paces to see right to the end of the row, sure enough, there was another red car hidden beyond a van.

“But I checked the licence plate!” she declared, already doubting herself as she glanced down at her papers. With something bordering on despair, she realised that in her hurry, she hadn’t checked properly. This was so unlike her! Furious with herself, she walked back to the car door and pulled at the key, but it was stuck fast.

He moved to her side. “Allow me.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stone, but you don’t have to trouble yourself. This is my problem. I created it and it’s up to me to fix it.”

“Actually, it’s my problem, too. It’s my hire car you’re breaking into.”

Laura closed her eyes in exasperation. Of course it was.


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