Welcome . . . Jennifer Young!

I’m delighted to welcome author and fellow RNA member Jennifer Young to the blog this week.

She has four books on sale this weekend as part of the Tirgearr Publishing Big Birthday Bash! We’ll get to those in just a minute, but first I had a few questions to ask her . . .

Jennifer young

Welcome, Jennifer. Could you tell us a little about your journey to publication?

It was a long one — and I suspect that’s true for most people. I never really set out to become a published writer; I was just someone who wrote. At some point along the way I realised that if I wanted to prove to myself that I was any good I’d have to find some kind of external validation and the only way to do that was to find a publisher. After a lot of failed attempts my first story was published in the People’s Friend in 2007. Seven years after that (this is a bit like a fairy story) my first book, Thank You For The Music, was a accepted by Tirgearr Publishing. Now my fifth is due out in May.

I could write a book about my attempts to become a ‘real’ writer and it would be full of more downs than ups. I still get plenty of rejections. Ain’t that the way it is?

It certainly can be a rather rocky road! 🙂  I see that you enjoy writing in a variety of genres. Contemporary romance, romantic suspense, mystery with a romantic twist, new adult . . . Could you tell us something about that?

I think the received wisdom is that to be successful writer you should establish a brand and stick to it, but I’ve never been like that. I have a butterfly mind and a wide range of interests. I love trying new things. I’m led by my characters and they don’t do as I would like them to do. The new adult genre, for example, is one I never thought I’d write in (I’m far too old to remember what it was like to be that age!) but the characters had stories they wanted to tell.

That sounds corny, doesn’t it? But it’s true…

Not corny at all. I think the best characters are the ones that take on a life of their own!  Where do you do your writing?

In terms of actual, proper, real writing, with fingers to keyboard, I’m very disciplined: I do it at my desk. But the rest of it I do anywhere. I do it when I’m sitting in a traffic jam or standing in queue or sitting on a bus. I do it when I’m cooking the tea or drifting off to sleep at night. And I always have a notebook and pen at hand.

Are you working on something at the moment, and can you give us a hint?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked me that! I’m really excited about my current writing project. It began as a stand-alone romantic suspense novel — the hero is a policeman working in covert intelligence and the heroine is a former radical political activist. Then I realised that, even after they sort out their — considerable — differences in Book One, they’ll keep on having adventures, so I’ve drafted the second, am planning the third and thinking about the fourth books in their story.

A hint? Here’s the first paragraph of the first book:

My first thought, when I discovered the body on my kitchen floor, was that it was a criminal waste of an exceptionally handsome man. My second was that Id seen him somewhere before. After that, even as I crossed myself, came the realisation that he wasnt dead.”

Intriguing, Jennifer! Good luck with your new project, and thank you so much for visiting!

And now onto Jennifer’s books on sale . . . These books are available at only £0.99 / $0.99 from today Friday 26th through to Monday 29th February inclusive! 

Thank You for the MusicAre things looking up for Abby Mortimer? After the death of her father it seems as though her long-term boyfriend, Edward, is about to propose – but their romantic walk on the beach doesn’t end as Abby expects when Edward breaks the news that he’s found someone else.

Heartbroken, Abby flees to Majorca to stay with her sister Liv and brother-in-law Robert, who run an upmarket hotel. Liv and Robert are looking for a singer for their piano bar and Abby, who’s a talented member of the local dramatic society, steps in to fill the gap – and finds herself immediately attracted to Rafa, the hotel’s pianist.

But what looks like a new-found happiness becomes complicated when Edward returns to apologise and win Abby back. And she’s aroused the bitter opposition of waitress wannabe Ellie, who’s trying to catch the eye of musical impresario Marcus Paterson, a guest at the hotel and always on the lookout for a new act. Torn between the contrite Edward and the flighty Rafa, between a steady life in Scotland or a career with her beloved music, Abby has difficult choices to make…especially when she learns that Edward has a secret…          Buy at:     Amazon UK     Amazon US


No Time Like NowHiding away from a disastrous past, Megan McLeod is getting along nicely in her job as housekeeper at a university field centre in Majorca. But the arrival of geological researcher, Tim Stone, throws everything into disarray — because Tim was the father of the baby she lost some years before and the two of them had parted very messily indeed.

As if having Tim on the scene wasn’t bad enough, he’s there with his new partner, Holly. But when in the course of his research he comes upon something extremely nasty along the cliffs of north Majorca, he’s forced to turn to Megan for help.          Buy at:     Amazon UK     Amazon US


Looking for CharlotteDivorced and lonely, Flora Wilson is distraught when she hears news of the death of little Charlotte Anderson. Charlotte’s father killed her and then himself, and although he left a letter with clues to the whereabouts of her grave, his two-year-old daughter still hasn’t been found.

Flora embarks on a quest to find Charlotte’s body to give the child’s mother closure, believing that by doing so she can somehow atone for her own failings as a mother. As she hunts in winter through the remote moors of the Scottish Highlands, her obsession comes to threaten everything that’s important to her — her job, her friendship with her colleague Philip Metcalfe and her relationships with her three grown up children.          Buy at:     Amazon UK    Amazon US


A Portrait of my LoveTerrified of commitment, Skye Ashton ditches her artist boyfriend, Zack, and disappears off to Italy with her best friend, the fascinating and fabulously wealthy Leona Castellano. When Zack turns up, Skye realises how much she really cares for him. But she has a fight on her hands, because Leona has taken an instant fancy to him, and she’s used to getting what she wants.

When Leona sets out to uncover the true story behind an old family feud, she puts herself in danger, and Zack finds himself drawn into an attempt to save her.

Will his intervention in Leona’s life lead to him losing Skye, the girl he really loves?     Buy at:     Amazon UK   Amazon US


You can find Jennifer on  Facebook  and  Twitter  and she has a brand new website at  jenniferyoungauthor.co.uk

9 thoughts on “Welcome . . . Jennifer Young!

  1. Helena Fairfax says:

    Good to get to know you here, Jennifer! It was interesting to read your road to publication. I love the thought of your characters not being done yet at the end of a book, and needing to come back for more adventures. Congratulations on all your releases – here’s to many more! 🙂

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