On Ilkla moor baht ‘at . . .

You wouldn’t think I would care much about the weather outside at the moment. With a writing deadline looming, I’ve been chained to my computer for the better part of most days.

That doesn’t mean to say I’m not sick of the rain we’ve had over the past few months, though, so I’m pleased that the sunny days are finally beginning to get the upper hand. 

I try to take a short walk each day, usually around the neighbourhood, but of course that can get pretty boring. On Thursday, I rebelled and decided a larger slice of fresh air was required, so hubby and I drove to Ilkley for a morning walk up on the moors.

Ilkley moor #1

Although it was glorious sunshine, there was a cold breeze and I’d dressed accordingly  – admittedly “baht ‘at” (“without a hat” for you non-Yorkshire folk) – but with the exertion of clambering uphill, I was soon tugging off my coat and dragging it behind me!

Ilkley moor #2

We got great views across the town  . . .

Ilkley moor #5

And I always love the open, almost desolate nature of the moors  . . .

Ilkley moor #4

When we got back down down into town, a coffee and a Fat Rascal at the famous Bettys were definitely in order . . .

Bettys, Ilkley

I have to admit that all this sitting at a computer lately isn’t doing a great deal for my fitness levels. My calf muscles were definitely sulking for a couple of days afterwards, but it was worth it!

11 thoughts on “On Ilkla moor baht ‘at . . .

  1. kathleenbee says:

    I have to admit I envy you a bit with the rains and having such a lovely place to take walks. We’ve had terrible drought and heat waves this year. It’s April but it’s been so hot.

    Glad you got a chance to get out and have a break from the screen.

    • Helen Pollard says:

      Thanks, Kathy. The rain has been very depressing this winter, but since I can’t stand heat either – certainly not the kind you have been having – I shouldn’t moan. My husband complains that I have an extremely narrow comfort zone!

      • kathleenbee says:

        I usually complain terribly about winter and prefer summer but this year, El nino made our summer unbearable. But yes, it’s always nicer when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. I’d probably be just as miserable as you with all the rain, lol, because I really do prefer it when the sun shines.

  2. Helena Fairfax says:

    What a fab walk, Helen. I haven’t had a Fat Rascal in ages. So nice to see the sun shining over the moors at long last. Glad you managed to get away from the computer for a bit!

  3. jeanannwilliams says:

    Helen, I enjoyed the pics of your country. Not sure where you live, but this was fun! We’ve had a lot of rain here in Oregon, USA, but we really needed it after our drought the last few years.

    • Helen Pollard says:

      Hi and thank you for visiting! Sounds like you needed the rain in Oregon! We have had very little snow this winter but SO much rain, so not many ‘crisp, clear’ days when you can get out and about, although Spring seems to be trying to show its face now 🙂

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