Halloween Decor and Crafts

When I was a kid, Halloween was barely on the radar. But as my own children were growing up, it became quite a deal. As a parent, I was happy to embrace it as a welcome bit of fun to break up the long term between between summer and Christmas.

And so, over the years, we built up quite a few Halloween decorations – although nothing too gory. 

I must admit, I’m not bothering too much this year – my daughter is 21 (how did that happen?!) and my 18-year-old son is away on a year abroad – so I’m cheating because these photos are from last year, when my son and his friends decided to hold a (thankfully small) Rocky Horror party. I did promise not to post photos of any of them dressed up! But we went to quite a bit of effort around the house …











And my son got quite creative on the pumpkin front …










We’ve always had a pumpkin. And we also have a couple of favourite ‘pieces’ that are brought out every Halloween:

When the children were younger and I wasn’t writing, I got into various crafts as a creative outlet. At one point, it was plate-painting …


And at another point it was collage. This always goes above the fireplace and reminds us of when the little horrors went trick-or-treating (that’s them in the photo in the doorway of the ‘castle’). 


I loved making both of those pieces, and when I get them out each year, it reminds me that I still have a whole stash of crafting stuff, just waiting for me to find the time to use it …

12 thoughts on “Halloween Decor and Crafts

  1. rosgemmell says:

    What lovely memories, Helen! I used to go out on galoshans, as we called it in our area and my own children enjoyed dressing up, but it seems to have gone even bigger these days! I still prefer the fun element and have never liked the US import of ‘trick or treat’ – would much rather keep to the dookin’ for apples and such like.

  2. Patricia Kiyono says:

    You’ve got a lot more Halloween decor than I do! I think it’s because when my kids were small I was too preoccupied with getting my classroom ready for the holiday instead of my house. I love your son’s pumpkin!

  3. Pearl Kirkby says:

    LOVE that collage – but that “punkin’ ” . . . hilarious!!!

    I totally missed Hallowe’en this year, as I slept it away. Hmmph. Didn’t even get to don my Queen Mommy costume 😡

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