Places in Return to The Little French Guesthouse #2 – Saumur

With these dreary grey days getting the best of us down, I decided it was time for a few sunny photos of France again!

I know so many readers have enjoyed the settings in The Little French Guesthouse books, and I enjoy sharing the inspiration behind them.

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In Return to The Little French Guesthouse, Emmy’s new life in France may be hectic, but her friends make sure she fits in a little sightseeing.

Knowing she needs a break, new friends Sophie and Ellie take her to Saumur for the day, where they park by the river and stroll along the wide street, the Loire on one side and large, cream stone, columned buildings on the other.

Looking for lunch, they turn in to narrower, cobbled streets for a little window shopping and to eat, then work off some calories by walking up to the castle . . .



. . . and around its walls to look out across the river with its arched bridge. 


I’ve been to Saumur twice now, once in the pouring rain – so no photos from that occasion – and once in seriously vicious heat, when I begged my husband to stop taking photos and get us back into an air-conditioned car before we melted! Unfortunately, that meant that when it came to finding photos for this post, I only had half a dozen to choose from.

Ah, well. Something’s better than nothing, as they say.


12 thoughts on “Places in Return to The Little French Guesthouse #2 – Saumur

  1. Grammie Annie says:

    Will there be an audio version of Guesthouse #2? I bought #1 as part of a special Kindle deal, and I added the audio, but I would pay full price for #2 with an audio option.

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