A Week in Devon

Well, this post shows how behind I am (or perhaps that I had other things to post about recently). Anyway, after enjoying a rare day of sunshine last week – such a lovely change from what has felt like permanent rain and wind – I thought it was high time I posted a few photos of my holiday last September (See? I told you I was behind!) to remind us that better times (weather-wise, anyway) are on the way.

Delighted that we could travel out of school holidays at last, hubby and I enjoyed a week in Devon followed by a week in Cornwall (I’ll come to Cornwall in the next blog post). We were mostly lucky with the weather, with plenty of sunny days, and both places were still surprisingly busy. I’d forgotten how narrow some of those roads are, something I found rather stressful. Goodness knows what they’re like in high season! 

For our week in Devon, we stayed in a cottage outside the village of Georgeham in North Devon, the place where Henry Williamson lived when he wrote Tarka the Otter. His grave is in the churchyard there.

On our first full day, we drove to Woolacombe and walked from there all the way along the beach to Putsborough Sands, a place I immediately fell in love with.

A long stretch of sand, a small cafe, surfers bobbing about in the waves for added entertainment . . . Seriously, I could have sat there forever 🙂

The next day was going to be cloudy and not too hot – ideal for cycling. Well, ideal for hubby who does some cycling, anyway. I hadn’t been on my bike for . . . oooh, a few years, so although we picked a flat route along the Tarka trail, my leg muscles were complaining, as was my backside !

We cycled from Barnstaple railway station through to Fremington Quay, then on to Instow . . . where I gave up and had a walk and sat on the sands while hubby cycled back for the car. He has his uses sometimes 😉

The next day was a trip to Ilfracombe. I’d been on holiday there as a child, so I was intrigued to see if it had changed much. The cafe showcasing Damien Hirst artwork was certainly a novelty, as was his huge stainless steel and bronze statue ‘Verity’, towering over the harbour.


We drove on to Combe Martin, where hubby went for a lovely cliff walk while I opted to lounge on a bench above the town to admire the view and read my book.

The following day saw us enjoy a coastal walk from Putsborough Sands to Croyde Bay and back. Amazing views . . .

. . . and of course we felt we’d earned the right to lounge awhile and look out over the bay when we’d completed the circuit.

The next day, we drove to Bideford, but it was rainy and we didn’t stay long. On to Appledore which we found as quaint and pretty as its name  . . .

. . . then on to Westward Ho! in theory. In practice, there were a lot of roadworks and we gave up and instead went for a bracing walk nearby. It was chilly and drizzly, so as you can see, I’m well wrapped-up!

On the day we left Devon to move onto Cornwall, we decided to go back to  Fremington Quay for the morning – partly for a walk, partly for the delicious homemade cakes at the cafe there, and partly because a couple of rare birds had been spotted there and hubby is interested in that sort of thing. There were a lot of folks with impressive birdwatching equipment, but I spotted one of them with the naked eye before hubby got to it with his binoculars. Yay for me! 

Next time I blog, it’ll be about our week in Cornwall.

For now, I’ll leave you with an arty shot from Fremington . . .


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