Round-up of the blog tour for ‘Summer at the Little French Guesthouse’

It was lovely to follow the official blog tour for Summer at the Little Guesthouse. My fingers are sore from retweeting etc.!

I always appreciate bloggers not only reading my books but then spending time writing a thoughtful review. How could I not include them on my Acknowledgements page? The sentiment is genuinely heartfelt!

If you would like to catch up with any of the stops that were on the blog tour, here are the links:


Joanne at My Chestnut Reading Tree wrote a fab review for the book, saying:

“So sad to say goodbye to this lovely series. This is a perfect summer sunshine read-just be prepared to laugh, cry and crave pain au chocolate dipped in a cafe au lait when you do!”

Well, I think that covers all eventualities 🙂


Then there was a great review from Meggy at Chocolate’n’Waffles who summed up with:

“I think what makes this life story work so well is how Helen Pollard takes the best of France, splashes it with the best of England, and sparkles the mix with humor, hardships, surprises, and feelings, all it takes to realize what happiness is!” 

What a delightful way of putting things!


There was a nice long extract from the beginning of the book at Portobello Book Blog to whet your appetite – why not hop over there and see what Chapter One has in store?


The Book Trail posted a gorgeous postcard-type blog on their ‘Cuppa and Cake’ page, focusing on the setting for La Cour des Roses and a little about my fave French things.


Kaisha at The Writing Garnet has come into the La Cour des Roses series at Book 3, but said in her review:

“Helen Pollard certainly knows how to enchant her readers with her mesmerising and eye-opening descriptions of La Cour des Roses and the French countryside. Such beautiful, beautiful writing which made me want to pack a suitcase, hop on a plane and fly to such a beautiful sounding destination.”

How lovely! And now she’s going to catch up on Books 1 & 2 🙂


A heartwarming review at Rachel’s Random Reads  – Rachel said:

“There was just so much to enjoy about this book from the writing, to the characters, the setting, the funny bits plus a very fitting finale!”

I aim to please … so it’s lovely to know I’ve succeeded in making readers so happy 🙂


Ginger Book Geek is another who joined the series at Book 3 but now intends to read the first two,  saying:

“The author writes about her characters so convincingly that you almost begin to imagine that they are real and that the action is playing out in front of you.  The author certainly grabbed my attention from the very first word on the very first page and I wasn’t released from the book’s grip until the last word on the last page.”

Crikey, that’s quite a compliment!


Sharon at Stardust Book Reviews has also been converted after reading Book 3 as a standalone, calling it “romantic, picturesque and funny” and saying, “I love the relationship that Emmy had with all her family and friends.”

That pleases me so much, as I felt that was what these books have been all about. 


Donna at Donna’s Book Blog gave the book a definitive 5 stars and suggests enjoying the whole series 🙂

And to finish off the tour, Kat at Best Crime Books and More gave it a resounding 5 stars, saying:

“This trio of books is absolutely wonderful and they could be read back to back for pure enjoyment and total escapism. I once again was transported into another world, one which I wish I could have been a part of. “

I couldn’t be more chuffed. Comments like these make all the sweat and tears worth it! 🙂

Thanks once again, not only to these lovely bloggers but to all of you out there!



2 thoughts on “Round-up of the blog tour for ‘Summer at the Little French Guesthouse’

  1. jessiecahalin says:

    It is great that you appreciate book bloggers! Your book series is great fun and I am not surprised that you have such positive reviews – well done!

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