Weekend activities in ‘Summer at the Little French Guesthouse’

I know how much readers have enjoyed the setting of La Cour des Roses in my Little French Guesthouse series, so when I was writing Book 3, I tried hard to continue to immerse the reader in Emmy’s surroundings in that lovely Loire area of France.

In Summer at the Little French Guesthouse, Emmy is too caught up with peak season at the guesthouse, wedding preparations and coping with her domineering mother to do much ‘proper’ sightseeing.

But she’s been in France for a year now, and her fiance Alain makes sure she takes time out on a Sunday to relax a little.

They enjoy cycling along country lanes past golden farmers’ fields and deep green vineyards . . .

Emmy especially loves the fields of sunflowers ….

She firmly resists Alain’s attempts to get her into early morning running, but she has developed a surprising passion for crazy golf!

And then there is always an evening stroll hand-in-hand along a quiet country lane …

or Rupert’s bonkers black labrador Gloria to take for a walk, something Alain’s niece and nephew enjoy when they come to stay.

One Sunday, Alain takes Emmy canoeing for the first time – an activity Emmy is highly dubious of but actually finds thoroughly relaxing as they make their way along a quiet river shaded by trees …

even though it rains and her steering abilities leave something to be desired! And yes, that part might reflect my own experiences … 😀

As for Emmy, with Alain there’s always some reward for her efforts at the end of the day … 😉

Emmy’s new life in France can’t be described as perfect – there’s always something for her to contend with. But if anyone asked her if she ever regretted her decision to move to La Cour des Roses, I suspect her answer would be a resounding ‘NO!’


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