Happy New Year! Most popular posts of 2017



2017 was once again a busy year for me. If you missed my recent news round-up, you can catch up here – Time for a news update: 2017.

I still managed almost 30 blog posts last year, alternating between writerly matters, places I’ve visited and welcoming guest authors. Thank you to all those authors who agreed to take part over the past year 🙂

And so … The most popular posts of 2017?

To do with writing . . .  

In June, as the edits for the third and final book in my La Cour des Roses trilogy were nearing an end, I blogged about The Ups and Downs of Writing a Series, which proved  be very popular. In it, I mused about the pros and cons of writing a trilogy versus standalone novels.

And it seems that the places I described in the books are as popular as ever! Weekend activities in Summer at the Little French Guesthouse gave a taster of some of the things Emmy gets up to in the book.

And reading …

A post I wrote near the beginning of the year, Books that have influenced me #3 – Laura Ingalls Wilder, in which I described my childhood love of her books and how they later influenced my writing, seemed to resonate with readers everywhere!


The most popular posts about places . . .

This year, besides blogging about some of the National Trust places we visited with our new membership, I wrote several posts about Devon and Cornwall, covering our previous year’s visit (yes, I was rather behind with my posts!) and later on, this year’s visit.

Cornwall is certainly a popular place, as suggested by the popularity of A week on the Roseland peninsula, Cornwall and A week near St Ives, Cornwall. I always find it so hard, when writing posts like these, to pick out the photos that best represent the trip … but I certainly enjoy the process!

And from visiting guest authors . . .

Fellow northerner Mary Jayne Baker got the most hits with her great guest post, On Not Giving Up the Day Job




Also popular was my interview with another northern writer, Kate Field, answering questions about writing and her latest release, The Truth About You, Me and Us.




As ever, thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

I look forward to sharing 2018 with you!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Most popular posts of 2017

  1. jessiecahalin says:

    Brilliant way to capture your exciting year. I love the Laura Ingalls Wilder books too. Do you watch the repeats of the TV series?

    • Helen Pollard says:

      Thanks, Jessie 🙂 I must admit, I haven’t caught the repeats, but I don’t watch much TV nowadays. I reckon they could transport me right back to my younger days, though!

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